“Wild and Wonderful Music” (Jon Anderson, Yes)

“[Bulbs On] may be the best instrumental prog album you hear this year” (Larry Kolota, Kinesis)

“sophisticated rock music, compelling, challenging, melodic and accessible at once. In short – substantial food for prog gourmets.” 4/5 (Rivertree at Progarchives.com)

“Neil Campbell is a high quality guitarist and a skilled composer to boot. His excellence on the acoustic guitar in particular is given lots of room to shine on this production, paired off with subtly or sharply contrasting themes where the electric guitar, keyboards and electronics are given more room. With a high quality rhythm section backing him the end result is an intriguing one … well worth checking out by those who tend to enjoy innovative progressive rock in general.” 5/6 (Olav Bjornsen, Progressor.net)

“excellent debut album…. highly recommended” (Steve Feigenbaum, Wayside Music/Cuneiform Records)

“Self described as a ‘post-rock concept’, On really is closer to a very good mid-70s jazz fusion record… Most of the music here is very composed and intricate, with multiple acoustic guitars often an impressive focal point” 14.5/16 (Dewey Gurall, Progression)

“An album with a varied palette of sounds and textures which mesh into a cohesive and enjoyable whole. It can be sweet but it can also be bitter. Light and warm, then dark and dissonant. Fiery and delicate… I will certainly be listening to this album often and for many years to come. Miss this at your peril!” 9/10 (Bob Mulvey, Dutch Progressive Rock Pages)

“primarily an instrumental, guitar-led album of Prog Rock capably fronted by the enormously talented Neil Campbell. Playing classical and electric guitar as well as keyboards, Campbell has carefully crafted a slice of electronic delight. Heavy in places, dream-like and then wonderfully dark in others, ‘On’ ticks many boxes…” (Richard Watts, Rock Society Magazine)

“Neil’s expressive guitar playing blends with Marty’s sympathetic soundscapes and the 21st-century drive of the rhythm section to create polished contemporary Prog . . . One can only hope this is just the first in a new series from the band. Excellent” (Keith Ames, Musician)

“‘On’ packs in more ideas and expert musicianship in under 1 hour than a lot of bands do in their whole careers…. Literally, awesome. 10/10” (Tom Calderbank, Catalyst)

“I have grown to love this album and I can heartily recommend it to any serious prog collector and /or any friend of great music!!” 4/5 (Tonny Larsen, Prog Planet)

“If you need something interesting and different to listen to, this is the ticket to imaginative sounds.” (Mark Johnson, Sea of Tranquility)

“an intriguing and challenging record.” (Anna Maria Stjärnell, Luna Kafe)

“If you’ve seen Bulbs live before then you’ll know that this is an experience to be treasured in many ways – this is a band that lights up even the darkest of rooms, and not just by their name!” (Seba Rashii Culturezine)

“like Mike Oldfield before him, Neil Campbell is an outstanding guitarist whose originality of thought makes him far more than just another gifted purveyor of finger acrobatics.” (Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar Magazine)